image of Eurostar

Photographs courtesy of Sue Winter, Joy Rule & Geoff MacDonald

BNM visit 2010All aboard!
Start as you mean to go on!BNM visit 2010 mealtime1
BNM visit 2010 mealtime2"For what we are about to receive,..."
Rivolet villageBNM visit 2010 Rivolet
BNM visit 2010 Piétanée bridge"Sur le pont de Châtillon,...
The Piétanée bridge, and ...
... the Flower BridgeBNM visit 2010 the Flower Bridge
BNM visit 2010 Chatillon marketThe market at Châtillon-sur-Chalaronne
"Say 'cheese'!"BNM visit 2010 the cheese stall
BNM visit 2010 mealtime3Just a small snack, honest ...
Brits abroad!BNM visit 2010 group
BNM visit 2010 Brou monasteryThe Monastery of Brou at Bourg-en-Bresse
Every Frenchman must have a cellarwine cellar
hillside vineyards1Everywhere you look, vines!
...and that means everywhere!hilside vineyards2
picture of Oingt1Oingt, a most picturesque village
a Village Fleuriepicture of Oingt2
group standing aroundWaiting for something to happen?

and now, lots of pictures of people!

people picture 1people picture 2
people picture 3people picture 4
people picture 5people picture 6
people picture 7people picture 8
people picture 9people picture 10
people picture 11people picture 12
people picture 13people picture 16
people picture 15people picture 18
people picture 17

and more pictures of places

timbered building1gardens
timbered bulding2lemonade factory
view across hillsrequest for more pictures

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