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  • Chairman's Message

    As winter approaches we can look back on a summer not just of below average weather but of national celebration and sporting prowess. On a rather more modest level, EVTA members can enjoy memories of another Plonk & Pétanque in August, an excellent weekend as guests of our French twins in September, another of Robin's carefully planned Treasure Hunts in October and more recently an enjoyable Film Evening in November. Now we look forward to the annual Christmas lunch, to be held this time at the Rose & Crown, Elham and traditionally the best supported event of the year.

    When I became chairman at the AGM in April 2011, just a month before the French arrived for their biennial visit, it was decided to hold future AGMs in September so that a new chairman was not "thrown in at the deep end". At the same time, it was decided to make all annual subscriptions payable on 1st January and to match our financial year to the calendar year. This simplification has however thrown up an unforeseen problem in that there is now a delay of more than nine months in formally presenting the annual accounts and it is questionable whether a committee should be operating for this long without having done so. To remedy this situation, henceforth the AGM will be held in late January. So there will be a brief AGM on 22nd January, preceding the second Film Evening when we will be showing Manon des Sources, the sequel to Jean de Florette.

    Finally, just a reminder to let Pauline have your 10 subscription in January - no need to visit any price comparison website, we are definitely the cheapest Twinning Association in the Elham Valley!





    Our friends at BNM were asked if they would like to make a contribution to Le Jumelage. Hervé responded with a poem with this message:

    "En Septembre nous avons fait un petit voyage au pays de "Lamartine." Nous avons été heureux de vous faire connaître notre poète qui a été aussi un grand homme politique. Mais en voyant les feuilles tomber nous avons très envie de vous dédier ces quelques vers sur l'automne prés d'un thé bien chaud. Savourez ces vers et vous aimerez l'automne."

    (The translation for those who need it ...)

    "In September we made a short visit to region of Lamartine. We were pleased to acquaint you with our poet, who was also a major political figure. But seeing the falling leaves we wished to dedicate to you these few verses, to be taken with hot tea! Savour these verses and you will enjoy Autumn."

    Greetings, forests crowned with remaining green!
    Yellowing foliage on the sparse grass!
    Greetings, last gorgeous days! Nature's mourning
    Evokes my pain and gratifies my eyes!
    I walk the lonely path in dreamy steps,
    And want to see again, for the last time,
    This waning sun and pale, whose feeble light
    Barely pierces the woods' dark at my feet!


    Plonque et Pétanque Encore

    So here we were again at the good old "Duke of Cumberland" for our annual contest. However what a difference it was from last year when the heavens opened up on us and it poured down. Thank goodness for the marquee.group waiting to play

    And this year we were glad of the marquee again - for protection from the strong British sunshine. Who says we don't do summers! So after a drink or three the teams were sorted out, Les Maillots Jeunes, Les Escargots, Les Amateurs, Francophiles et Fifi - and chairman Geoff set up his unique Scoreboard so as to keep check of our progress.

    Playing one against one the teams made progress over the rather rough surface of the pétanque court which made for some interesting shots and some colourful language bordering on the nautical.

    group playing petanque Beer was drunk, wine was imbibed, and in due course the BBQ was eaten and the last boule was played. The result was a win for Les Maillots Jeunes, and so the rest of the afternoon drifted past.

    But what of next year? A fresh venue? We shall have to wait and see.

    Gerald Crease


    Treasure Hunt - Robin's Ride

    On Sunday, 7th October, 5 cars met at the Black Robin, Kingston to take part in another car treasure hunt. The clues were again provided by Robin and his partner, Lesley, and once again they tested our (shrinking) brain power. It was a pleasant afternoon and once again we travelled through some beautiful countryside and pretty villages. We all went a little awry in Wye, met up and gave way to several horses, found some very narrow roads, sorted out our clues and finally arrived at the Five Bells in Brabourne.Robin's Ride group2

    One carload, the occupants of which will remain forever anonymous, managed to complete 46 miles, against the official route which was around 21 miles! The winners this year were Andree and Ian Sladden. We all agreed Robin and Lesley had again done a great job and we look forward to next year.




    What is it about French films that make one suspend belief and convince oneself that life is so much better across the Channel?

    Despite the vicious story line, harsh climate and unintelligible French accent (Provençal) I, for one, was enchanted by the film "Jean de Florette." picture of ManonDespite the unrelenting cold in Kingston Village Hall 15 of us were transported to distant Provence with a very young Gerard Depardieu whilst we all sat comfortably sipping wine. It was a shame more members hadn't attended but perhaps when they realise what they missed they'll flock to join us for the second half of the story "Manon des Sources," which will be shown on 22nd January 2013 at Kingston Village Hall at 7.30 p.m.

    There will be a very short, special AGM before we start but don't forget to bring wine to drink and nibbles to enjoy, plus a blanket and hot water bottle!

    Andree Sladden


    Visit to BNM

    Thanks to faultless planning and hard work our weekend in Villefranche and its environs was a triumph of entente cordiale. For this new-kid-on-the-block it was a thrilling adventure which I will remember with affection and great pleasure. It was astonishing to realise that just a few hours travel away there exists a country so close but so different to our own - and how different!

    During our time in Villefranche we visited fairytale chateaux, learnt something of their history, and explored sometimes creepy cellars to sample their wines. We were driven through typically French villages with houses of golden stone, shuttered windows and elegant wrought ironwork gates. All so clean, well kept with an abundance of flowers and - no litter! The scenery was stunning, with the vineyards not, as I had imagined, in serried ranks, but clothing hillsides in clusters, sometimes interspersed with shrubs or flowers. Again, I hadn't realised the height at which some of these are cultivated and it was magical to see a buzzard flying parallel to the vehicle we were travelling in.

    The gastronomy was all that one would expect of France, and more. Our hosts were extremely kind and generous, even to making our last evening into something very special when we attended the local Town Hall for a sumptuous meal, to dance to piano accordions and to sing along with them

    With happy memories in mind, let us raise a glass to our French friends and say how much we look forward to seeing them next year. A votre santé !

    Monica Holland


    Forthcoming events

    • Saturday 8th December - Rose & Crown, Elham - Christmas lunch - 12.30 for 1pm

    • Tuesday 22nd January - The Barn, Kingston - 7.30pm - very short AGM, followed by the French film, Manon des Sources

    • All other events will be listed
      in the next monthly update.

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