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  • Editorial

    I apologise for the lateness of this, the last Jumelage for 2011, due to family problems. There have been several EVTA events since the last Jumelage, all of them most enjoyable. The membership subscriptions become payable in January and you will find a membership form here, and a booking form (.pdf) for the French film night in February.

    That is enough from me, so I would like to wish you all Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année.


    Chairman’s Message

    This has been yet another eventful year for EVTA, but without doubt the highlight was the visit in June by 28 of our French friends and the lively dinner dance in their honour at Elham Village Hall. Feedback on the weekend from our guests was very positive and many new friendships were struck up and old ones renewed. We now look forward to meeting them again when it is our turn to play away next September.

    Other events this year have been a gourmet lunch at the Trois Mousquétaires four star restaurant in March, the Plonk & Pétanque afternoon in August, the car Treasure Hunt in October and the Wine and Wisdom evening in November. In the new year there will be a Film evening in February, a Members' Evening in April and possibly a day trip to Boulogne in June.

    The latest news from Beaujolais is that Hervé Couade has been elected Président of Elham en Beaujolais to succeed Didier Chevenard who will however retain his role of liaising with us over future visits.

    I look forward to seeing many of you at the forthcoming Christmas lunch! Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année


    Plonk et Pétanque - Sunday, 28th August

    It was not typical Bank Holiday weather when 22 members gathered at the Duke of Cumberland in Barham on the last Sunday of August. The sun was shining — just! However we were not disappointed for long. group photoJust as we were sipping wine and quaffing pints we had quite a heavy shower — thank goodness – us Brits can't have a Bank Holiday weekend without some rain.

    Fortunately the sensible people running the Duke had a nice big marquee set up, with a closed side facing the rain and an open side facing the Boules Court, so we were well sheltered while Chairman Geoff organised a "fast game" competition with a score–board to match. In fact a Score Board so complex that only he understood it. Well, at least I think he did.

    group photoFive teams selected and named themselves: Les Moules (3), Les Trois J’s (2), Les Trois Stooges (2), Les Mouches (1), Les Enfants Terribles (2), and battle commenced.

    In the "fast game", one end only was played between all the competing teams, until after a couple of hours, and after a couple of drinks and some maths by Geoff, a winning team was declared. If you hadn't already guessed it, the numbers in the brackets are the team scores! Thus we can see that Les Moules muscled their way to the front with Les Mouches flying in second.

    During play we had the BBQ of sausages, burgers, lamb cops and chicken with a range of salads and lots of chat among the spectators.

    This was a good event enjoyed by all.

    Gerald Crease


    The Car Treasure Hunt - Sunday, 9th October

    On a lovely Sunday afternoon, fifteen members, in six cars, set off on a treasure hunt, following a route cleverly devised by Robin Blount. We went via some beautiful countryside and very pretty little villages, group photogetting lost a couple of times and turning around too early on one occasion completely missing one answer. (It was our first treasure hunt!) We managed to get to the pub eventually to find the people in the photo already there enjoying a drink and waiting for the stragglers to arrive!

    We were not the last, Shep and his friends had stopped at several of the villages to have a stroll around - what a lovely idea! And there were a couple of other cars behind us.

    The winners were Joey and friends who scored almost 100%!! They enjoyed their prize of white port.


    Wine & Wisdom at Kingston Barn - Saturday, 12th November

    As always the venue was superb: beautiful building, great ambience, easy parking and central for twinners up and down the valley. The event was well attended, with many tables of enthusiastic members and friends. There definitely was a feel of competitiveness in the air. As well as keeping us in order our experienced quizmaster also provided great entertainment with his utterly unique take on French pronunciation.

    The quiz had a French theme, with most tables playing their joker on the food round - with varying degrees of success! There were some tricky questions about French history, especially regarding dates. I am still mad with myself that I couldn‘t remember "Marianne", and I know that Anne and Adrian are similarly frustrated that they couldn't recall "Modestine".

    The interval provided an innovative card game which was not only fun (and productive for the winner), but also increased the EVTA coffers for our next BNM visit.

    What an enjoyable evening this was!

    Sue Winter


    With apologies!

    two jokes

    Christmas Lunch at the Red Lion, Bridge - Saturday, 17th December

    I do not have a report yet but a comment from Geoff on an e-mail was as follows:-

    "I am sure you will agree that yesterday's event was a huge success, made rather special by the talented magician, Phil Tilston. I’ve had a nice message from him this morning saying how much he enjoyed entertaining us."

    I am sure with the venue and menu it went really well.



    image of orange & lemon sculptures


    French Film Night - 10th February 2012. Film to be advised
    7·30 pm £5 per head - booking form here (.pdf)
    At Alan & Diana's studio

    Members' Evening - Saturday 28th April. A fun evening with wine & cheese, some games and photos, and members' reminiscences.
    St Mary’s Hall, Elham

    Proposed day trip to Boulogne by coach - late June

    Visit to BNM 21st-23rd September Travel by Eurostar/TGV to arrive in Lyon late afternoon

    Love Locks

    locks on Pont des Arts, Parislocks on Pont des Arts, Paris

    Love locks are back and the trend is spreading in Paris. It has become fashionable in the last 2 years for couples to go to the Pont des Arts with a padlock, inscribed with their initials, and to seal their love forever by fastening the lock to the wire mesh railings then throwing the key into the river below. The railings are now covered with several thousand padlocks as though thousands of elves had parked their invisible bikes there."
    Source: French News Weekly

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