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Le Jumelage must have been going on for about fifteen years but the earliest copy in the editorial office is dated March 1996, just before the "twinning" with La Vallée de la Course. If anyone has an earlier copy, we would be pleased to hear from them.

We are entering a new chapter in the history of this newsletter with a changed editorial team. We thank Helen Lipton who has done a marvellous job during the past two years, but is finding it just a bit difficult as she is still a busy working girl. We were appointed at the recent AGM, probably because it was poorly attended and, somehow, there did not seem to be the usual sense of optimism. The editors look forward to a period of joint endeavour involving you, the members. We cannot emphasize too much that we must have feed-back and contributions, criticism if you like; we like to know that our paltry efforts are being read and not thrown in the bin with the junk mail. In fact, your participation is essential to improve this newsletter and produce the paper that you want rather than something we think you want. We mentioned that we perceived the impression of an apparent diminishing enthusiasm at the AGM, but we do hope that we were mistaken; you can prove it!

We would be pleased to receive any contributions, photographs, articles - serious or humorous - that you feel would interest the "Twinners."

picture of lampshadepicture of lampshade

Dans un grand magasin Parisien, une cliente appelle la vendeuse et lui dit, «Je ne comprends pas, mademoiselle, tous les chapeaux que j'essaie sont trop grands pour moi mais j'ai, pourtant, une tÍte normale.» La vendeuse répond, «Les chapeaux sont au deuxième étage, madame, ici c'est l'étage des abat-jours!»

Wine & Wisdom - Kingston Barn, 24th October 2009

It was 5pm on a wet and windy late October evening when the Setting-Up Team - well, Joey and me - arrived at Kingston Barn to prepare for our annual Wine and Wisdom quiz (you know the one - not much wisdom but plenty of wine), and to set out the tables and chairs. It was done in less than an hour.

Proceedings commenced at 7.30pm with five rumbustious tables under the command of Quizmistress Joey Bushell, assisted by Andrée Sladden keeping the scores.

The first four rounds soon galloped past - and not a dreaded "Sports" round in sight, and the questions - who was the last King of England to die in battle? (Richard III - got that one wrong), whch river runs past Leeds Castle (the Len - got that one right).

Then it was the interval and time to eat - and have a glass or three of wine and a chat, and proceedings got even noisier. Back to the fray for another four rounds - including Sport. I think our table managed four for that round. There was also a Spelling round, and now we all know how to spell "supercalifragilistic...something or other" - don't we?

We had a raffle, organised by Diana Forrest (who collected the money and drew the tickets from a top hat!), with splendid prizes including the three Magnums of Beaujolais donated to us earlier by our French friends.

To avoid embarrassing them, I will not mention the table receiving the Lemon. However, I can report that Table 3, populated by people from a place called Lyminge (anyone heard of it?) had the highest number of points and were thus, if not "Brains of Britain", then certainly "Brains of the Valley" that evening.

Gerald Crease

PS - it's "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" - at least, that's what Google says!
PPS- the winning table was Catriona Ritchies'.

We are pleased to announce that the Quiz evening made £281.10 for EVTA funds

Meet the Greeters of Pas de Calais

Greeters logo

The Département Pas de Calais has a "Greeters" scheme giving you the chance to meet locals proud of their particular localities. The service is free, no tips are expected, and many of the Greeters speak English. The added bonus is that, unlike official guides, they are free to make their own recommendations, allowing you to make the most of their inside knowledge.

Choose either by area or your own particular interests, be they local history, market gardening, walks, sites of both world wars, or many other themes and activities. Requests should be made a fortnight before your visit. Greeters will take on a maximum of six visitors for a period of two to four hours.

For full details (all in French) log on to www.greeters62.com or call (from UK) 0033 3 21 10 34 60. You can view their blog at www.greeters62.blogspot.com.

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