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Editorial note:

Having read that Eric wanted to resign his eyeshade and red pencil, I rang Anne Leva and left a message that 'I might like to join the editorial team'. Bad move! Next time I saw Anne she congratulated me on becoming Editor. Having minimal writing skills, but being moderately verbal, I shall endeavour to take over seamlessly from Eric. However, I will be grateful to receive any items of note, amusement or relevance that you, the reader, care to send, in English or French.

Hclipton2@aol.com (subject: le jumelage)
or drop a note into Kingpost, St Mary's Road, Elham.

Sadly, our potential twinners have been unable to get sensible train fares to visit us in July, so have deferred until September or October.

There's plenty to read in this issue of La jumelage as well as a caption competition.
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I am delighted to start my first message with a series of Thank-you's.

Firstly a very big thank-you to our previous Chairman, Anne Leva. What an act to follow! During her 3-year term Anne masterminded the change of our twinning partners after the sad breakdown of relations with the Vallée de la Course while coping with an increased workload in her new job. She cleverly maintained contact with our old friends while strengthening our links with our prospective new twins in BNM. Thank you again Anne for a job so very well done.

More thanks go to Eric & Betty Doy - what would we do without them? I remarked to Eric that the Committee has powers to co-opt, but Eric replied that he was taking anti-co-opt pills, and they seemed to be working. However, we thank you both for your many years of service to EVTA.

We have some new members in the team. The very important job of editing this vital publication is now in the experienced (? Ed.) hands of Helen Lipton who will welcome any contributions you may have. Also, we now have a village rep for Lyminge, Anna Bailey, the daughter of one of our members. The Committee want to involve members whose particular skills will be called upon for different activities. I am keen to encourage the development of contact between the schools in the Elham Valley and BNM and am delighted that Sheila Macdonald will be leading the team to take this forward. It is unfortunate that the summer visit has had to be postponed and I want to thank all those who had put in such a tremendous effort to arrange their weekend programme. We are waiting to hear from BNM for a confirmation of their revised date and hope to re-jig the programme as before.

Our next event is the Boules and lunch on August 25th. It is important to maintain our enthusiasm, and the Committed look forward to involving all members in the successful growth of EVTA and the link with BNM.

Bryan Shepherdson


picture, Bart among the bluebells
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On a lovely warm late spring morning a group of thirty or so of us met in the car-park of the Elham Valley Vineyard for our annual walk, this year under the leadership of Andrée Sladden who 'counted us all out and counted us all back'. Not a soul was lost en route.

Leaving the EVV we turned rights along the Elham Valley Road for fifty yards or so, turning right onto the track way that leads through the attractive cluster of buildings surrounding Little Breach Farm. Onwards and upwards we walked, now stringing out into little groups chatting away as we followed the footpath south-westerly along Breach Downs.

We saw massed bluebells beneath the woodland trees, a few early Purple Orchids and at least one Red-Tailed Bumblebee was spotted.

Turning left we now walked south-easterly, downhill towards the Palm Tree Public House and there crossed the EV Road, and went up to the top of Whitehill Lane where we turned left onto the bridleway leading northerly towards Breach Farm.

From here we had good views across the Elham Valley and were soon in sight of the old farmhouse where we again crossed the road and were soon back at our starting point with enough time for aperitifs before our lunch.

We were a happy (and slightly noisy) crowd who sat down to lunch, now joined by those members who had chosen not to walk. Our two course Sunday lunch consisted for a choice of Prawn Cocktail or Vegetable Soup followed by Roast Beef and all the usual trimmings.

See some more pictures here

Gerald Crease

Items from the AGM at Barham, held on 1st May 2007

The retiring Chairman's report

Anne Leva referred to the strengthening of relations between EVTA and the Beaujolais-Nizerand-Morgan area of the Beaujolais and said that the enthusiasm of the French had given our Association a new sense of purpose. They have established a blog and we have created our own website to keep our members and French friends informed, and to create general publicity for EVTA. No formal twinning agreement has yet been signed but she felt that the relationship has a future.

The French are particularly keen to involve people of all ages, particularly the young, and in order to respond to these expectations on our side we have recruited member Sheila MacDonald, a retired teacher, as our youth coordinator to try to develop links, and eventually exchanges, between families.

A regular programme of events had taken place during the year including Robin's Ride and barbecue in the spring, boules and buffet lunch in August, a wine tasting last autumn, a visit to the St Omer Christmas market in December, a very successful Epiphany party early this year, and a walk and lunch in April. The coming year will provide another full programme of activities for members, a list of which you will see below. Anne announced that she would be stepping down after three years in office, having fulfilled the role of finding a new French partner, and was handing over to Vice-Chairman Bryan Shepherdson, whilst agreeing to become minutes secretary.

Treasurer's report

The EVTA account has been transferred to a new bank which is more convenient than the previous one, and pays interest. Income has been generated by most of the events during the year, apart from the trip to France. Insurance covering Association events has increased to £241. It was explained that EVTA pays for the welcome drink for the French when they visit, as well as the Saturday evening event, and they pay all other costs. This visit, now to be bi-ennial, is the Association's main expense.
The Treasurer presented the financial statement for the year ended 28 February 2007, which showed a balance of £2,243.


There are now 83 paid-up members of the Association. The subscription next year (2008) will be £9 when paid by March, and £10 thereafter.

Calendar 2007 - 2008

25 AugustBoules & Buffet lunchUnicorn Pub, Bekesbourne
TBA SeptemberBNM visit to Elham Valley
TBA OctoberAutumn walk & lunch
8 DecemberDay trip to Christmas MarketBruges
20 JanuaryNew Year lunchTBA
TBA AprilSpring WalkOR: Herne Bay Treasure Hunt