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Message from the Chairman

Dear Members

It's time to catch up with all our news once again. As with all new friendships, there are moments of joy and also moments of great sadness. We were greatly shocked to hear last month of the sudden death of Bertrand Cantat, the delightful 13-year old boy from Beaujolais-Nizerand-Morgon who, with his brother, came to us in Spring as part of the twinning visit. Bertrand was hosted by Morag and Robert Bagley and was one of the stars at the Barn Dance. On behalf of EVTA we have sent a letter of sympathy to his parents in this moment of great tragedy.

We have also received news from Ingrid and Fabien Fuentes, the charming young people who were hosted by Sue Winter. They have both passed their baccalauréat with flying colours and are now enjoying a summer break before starting a further course of studies. Congratulations to them both.

Thanks to Robin Blount's hard work and perseverance we finally were able to enjoy the mystery tour and barbecue postponed from last year. The Shepherdsons opened up their garden for the occasion to which, despite some unusual detours for some, all participants eventually returned for an enjoyable evening.

The time for our return visit to Beaujolais-Nizerand-Morgon is fast approaching. A group of 30 will be going over in October. I'm sure all of us are looking forward to the weekend and the opportunity to discover, or re-discover, this lovely region of France and to strengthen our new bonds of friendship with its inhabitants.

Make sure to look at our Events page for news of things to come!

collage of pictures from French visit
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