More October 2006 pictures

(thanks to Diana Forrest and Anne Leva)

Click on the thumbnails for larger pictures

Some of the places,...

panorama over Lyon
panorama over Lyon
hors d'oeuvres at reception
buffet de hors d'oeuvres
local band practice
local brass band practice
conducted by one of the
hosts, Jean-Marc Mathieu
walk to castle
going up to the castle
in Oingt
house in Oingt
a house in Oingt
old wine-press in Oingt
the old wine-press in
ancient keep tower in Oingt
at the top of the donjon
in Oingt.
view from tower
view from the top of the
donjon in Oingt
street in Oingt
a street in Oingt
Montmelas castle
the château of
view from Mathieu terrace
view from the Mathieu's
terrace over vineyards.
roof tops
roses and vineyards
roses and vines

...and some of the people

group in Lyon
group in Lyon
welcome reception
the welcome reception
children singing at reception
children at the
Marie-Agnès and Christiane
Marie-Agnès (of
Carreau vineyard) and
Christiane (Maire of Cogny)
group in Oingt
group in Oingt
studying the map
map reading
the guide at the wine-press
listening to the guide
at the old wine-press
learning the history of Oingt
listening to the
local guide on Oingt's
Anne and the guide
Ann and local guide
deep in thought on the
tower at Oingt
Mathieu family making music
the Mathieu family and
a young trumpet player
Joan and Joey
Joan and Joey
John M & Anna
John M & Anna
Gilles and Guy at the reception with Anne
Gilles and Guy in
pensive mood at the
a host getting in the swing
getting in the swing
after the reception meal
Diana, Jo,<br>Yvonne, Valérie, Anne
the Girls - Diana, Jo,
Yvonne, Valérie, Anne
Anne and Guy at the reception
The long and the short
of being Presidents!

Obviously they all had a good time.....

wooden figures at a party
these two...
Alan and Jean-Marc try out the pissoir at Clochmerle
...speak for themselves!

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